Just a few kind words.

" It's lovely to come home after a busy day at work to a spotless house, the bed's changed and washing basket emptied. Chloe has not only cleaned my house to the highest standard but organised it too. My kitchen cupboards and garage have now had a complete reorganisation and I have lots more space and can find everything quickly! I am delighted with the professional service I receive and look forward to Chloe's visit. Highly recommend


Kate- Trowbridge.

" What an amazing lady! I can not believe how much Chloe got sorted and decluttered in such a short time. I can't wait for her to tackle the rest of my house and free me for more time to spend with my children. I couldn't recommend enough. Looking forward to the next room. A weight has been lifted today. Thank you so so very much".

Gemma- Trowbridge.

" Absolutely brilliant. This Goddess service is addictive! Really fun company and super positive attitude. Highly recommend".

Marjory- Frome.

" Thank goodness for Chloe! Who literally spent the day pulling my kitchen and dining room apart and putting it back together again in the most organised way! All whilst making everything spotlessly clean!! Literally a new mums dream! And so friendly and kind at the same time. Can't recommend Chloe highly enough"

Rose- Trowbridge.

" Chloe is amazing! My bedroom and ensuite have never been so tidy and organised. I can highly recommend Goddess Organising for someone like me who works full time with two small children. CHloe is a life saver. Thank you so much".