Organising and decluttering services.

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No one should ever feel embarrassed about their home or situation. Life happens when we are having fun and prioritising cleaning out the baking cupboard just doesn't count as "fun". This is where Goddess Organising can help. By waving the magic wand you have been dreaming about, I can give your home and you the fresh start you have been waiting for.

Together, we can find the calm in the chaos.

Opening hours for contact only- 24 hours.

Appointments available Monday - Friday

Please note; 

Appointment hours vary and are arranged on an individual bookings schedule.


Goddess organising is based in the historic market town of Frome, Somerset, set in a rural location appox 14 miles south of Bath.

All appointments require a telephone or personal consultation (location depending) and mileage is taken into consideration before any work is accepted. Travel is up to 35 miles from Frome.