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Before & After: Checkout The Transformation Magic.

It takes incredible courage for my clients, to not only allow me access to their homes, but they also allow me to share their spectacular home transformations.

Often, my clients experience feelings of vulnerability, embarrassment and shame. However, by giving me permission to share these amazing photos, they are helping show others in need, that they are not alone. They show that change can happen. 

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Before. Bedroom decluttering and Organising.
Before complete home make over
After Room transformation
Kitchen Deep clean and Declutter and reorganise
Garage before Huge Declutter and reorganisation
After Garage
Bedroom declutter clean reorganise
Bedroom After
Art Studio/ School. Before
Decluttered and reorganised.
Art studio After
Living room Before Organising
Moving belongings back into home living room after decorating.
katrina living room
Before. Moving day packing
After. All packed ready for house move.

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