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How it all Began.

Goddess Organising was founded in 2018, fuelled by my deep joy and passion for orderliness and organisation. I firmly believe in the concept of everything having its designated place, advocating for retaining only items that hold genuine value, are truly loved, or are significant in our lives.

Originally starting as a local cleaning business, my knack for decluttering and reorganising swiftly captured public interest, evolving into the thriving business it is today. Despite its youthfulness compared to established competitors, I am committed to delivering a sense of domestic tranquillity to as many households as possible.

National Recognition.

My expertise in tidying up homes has garnered attention from various online publications, labelling me as the "super tidier" aiding individuals dealing with cluttered spaces. My appearances in The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Mail, and The Metro have underscored the nature of my service, describing how it is an 'emergency service', not a 'luxury'.

Click the link below to witness the transformative power of Goddess Organising through before-and-after visuals, showcasing the potential for enhancing your life.

The Helping Hand you Need.

I ensure all my clients receive a professional organising service with personal care, sensitive support, and the dedication to help you through what can sometimes be a difficult process. With my attention to detail and with your well-being in mind, I will work alongside you in creating the vision you have for your home.

I’m passionate that pre-loved items should be paid forward to local charities, local small businesses, freecycle communities those in need wherever possible, and only after these options are exhausted do items go to landfill. This prioritises sustainability over landfill disposal.

Collaborating with a fantastically dedicated couple in Frome, items are directed to charities such as Homestart, YMCA, Salvation Army, and The Red Cross, aligning with their specific needs.

Funds raised through the sale of donated items further contribute to supporting vulnerable individuals. I am very proud to know that the overwhelming generosity of my clients is making so many desperate lives better.

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