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How Goddess Organising can help you.

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Goddess Organising isn't a cleaning business. It's not a House clearance company either. Goddess Organising is a decluttering business.

It's about having Less. Too many 'Things' can be suppressive both Physically and mentally so together we will discover what connects you to your belongings and learn to say goodbye more easily.  

Through interacting with you throughout our time together, I will be able to  learn your history, your daily routines, your spending habits, your hobbies and more importantly, what makes you smile. This will enable me to create the haven you deserve, surrounded by only the things you love. 

I specialise in One on One decluttering with clients who have various Mental and physical health disorders.

The majority of my clientel have ADHD, ADD and Fibromyalgia and find coupling with myself to accomplish their desired results, a truely beneficial experience. Together we would prioritise a particular area and work at your own pace to rebuild your relationship with your belongings and your home.

I can then teach you decluttering tips, life hacks to keep your home organised and clutter-free. I have no emotional connection to your belongings so I can provide neutral, positive motivation to encourage you to part with certain things. Of course, I understand how difficult it can be to part with the beloved items and I am not here to take those away from you. I am here to find what you don't love, to make room for the things that you do.

Once you have decided what has earned it's place in your home, I will then reorganise the area in a more logical way so they are easier to find and store.

I provide sensitive encouragement to re-home your beloved items before we send them to the landfill. Please refer to SERVICES for more details.

Although some services, such as kitchen reorganisation, can be mainly accomplished independently there are some aspects of other services that require input from the client. For example, when decluttering, there may be sentimental attachments to items such as family heirlooms, which a declutterer would be unaware of, so this must be taken into consideration when booking an appointment. So please allow time to team up and make this a therapeutic experience for all involved. Trust  me when I say that once the weight of clutter has been lifted and the burden resolved, you will feel like you can conquer anything!

With more space, comes more possibilities.

Impressed with Goddess Organising?

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